The MAA Lunch Cypher: The Southampton Splash

Yo, gather 'round, let's dive into the scene,
Southampton’s the spot for the marine dream.
April nineteenth, the harbor's the stage,
MAA's lunch, where the sea sages engage.

Hugo Andreae, Gareth Bartlett, cruisin' with style,
Graeme Beeson, James Boyd, rockin' the nautical mile.
Emma Caulton's pen flows, Greg Copp’s engines roar,
Tom Cunliffe, Matt Dickens, sea stories galore.

Jake Frith's lines are tight, Jack Haines deals on deck,
David Harding, Camilla Hermann, stories to check.
Sarah Heron, Mark Jardine, sail the digital sea,
Laura Hodgetts, Kim Hollamby, free as can be.

Rupert Holmes, John Hunter, tales they weave,
Sam Jefferson, Duncan Kent, the tech they achieve.
Tim Macpherson casts wide, David Marsh’s pen flies,
Michaela, Hugo, Tom Swan, under Southampton skies.

Elizabeth Multon publishes, Janet Murphy reports,
Dennis O'Neill, Sue Pelling, sailing to all sorts.
Peter Poland, Katina Read, stories they pitch,
Jonathan Savill, Matt Sheahan, switchin' the niche.

Hollie Smith builds, Katy Stickland charts the course,
Theo Stocker, Amy Adams, with tech force.
Hermione Barfield, Jason Belben, gearin' up fast,
Suzanne Blaustone, Charlie Bridges, makin' a blast.

Graham Brown, Roger Cerrato, crafting marine lore,
Jon Challis, Neil Chapman, always exploring more.
Sian Danby, Gemma Davies, on the team roll,
Chris Feibusch, Matt Forbes, playin' their role.

Grant Fox, Amy Grealish, keep safety in sight,
Paul Gullett, Susannah Hart, anchorin' right.
Daniel Henderson, Geoff Holt, they set the bar,
Ross Honey, Sarah Jenkins, racing like stars.

Jon Jennings, David Lewin, manage the chill,
Ian Lockyer, Tim Mayer, skills they instill.
Sean McCrystal, Oscar Mead, bringin' their best,
Ben Metcalfe, Susie Nation-Grainger, ace the test.

Steve Norbury, Fiona Pankhurst, with sails unfurled,
Gill Pearson, Marcus Pickering, show the world.
Lesley Robinson, Lily Ross-Smith, gear up the dock,
Alastair Shires, Meg Simmonds, ready to rock.

Allie Smith, Matt Taylerson, Yamaha's fine,
Daniel Taylor, Mark Todd, on the frontline.
Jonny Twelvetrees, Ian Walker, sails they mend,
Alastair Walton, James Ward, to the journey’s end.

Jonathan White, Simon Wood, on the crest,
Dominic Zammit, Gina Groom, with MAA zest.
Jo from PSP joins the ranks, sharp and keen,
Adding more flair to the MAA marine scene.

Darren Holloway, Mike Shepherd, hostin' the show,
Emma Stanbury, Steve Davies, let the good times flow.
So here's to the crew, at MAA's grand feast,
Unitin' the industry, from the greatest to the least.
A toast to the tales, the waves, and the sun,
To the marine industry, shining as one.