We understand some of our clients concerns about their boat no longer being listed on YachtWorld. I'd like to explain why Boatshed has chosen to focus solely on our platform and how this benefits you.

Buyer Behaviour Insights

Whether buyers initially use third-party websites or Google, no one makes a boat purchase without extensive research. Potential buyers often search for specific boats on Google rather than going directly to third-party websites. When they search for a specific make or model, Boatshed’s optimised listings are likely to appear in their search results. Unlike cars, where thousands of the same brand and model are available, even with the most popular brands and models of boats, there may be only a very small number for sale globally at any given time. Each boat is unique with different equipment, engine sizes, navigation equipment, rigs, etc. Serious buyers will find and research all available boats thoroughly, often leading them to Boatshed’s detailed listings.

Key Reasons for the Change

Loss of Detailed Information
Listings on third-party sites like YachtWorld often fail to capture the comprehensive and detailed information that we provide on Boatshed. Essential details, high-quality photos, and in-depth descriptions are sometimes lost or inadequately displayed, leading to potential buyers missing critical aspects of the boats. This results in less informed enquiries and potentially missed opportunities.

Inconsistent Presentation
The presentation of boat listings varies significantly across different third-party platforms. This inconsistency can lead to a fragmented buyer experience, where potential buyers might not see the full value of the boat. On Boatshed, we control the quality and consistency of the presentation, ensuring every listing is showcased in the best possible light.

Reduced Buyer Engagement
Buyers who access our boats through third-party sites often do not spend as much time engaging with the listings compared to those who visit Boatshed directly. Specifically, our data shows that buyers spend nearly twice as much time on our listings compared to those on third-party sites. Additionally, our listings on Boatshed receive up to 70% more views, demonstrating significantly higher engagement and interest levels.

Customer Complaints About Visibility
Sellers often complain they cannot find their boats on third-party websites like YachtWorld, leading to frustration and a perception of poor visibility. By focusing solely on Boatshed, we eliminate this issue, providing a centralised, high-quality presentation that is easily accessible through search engines.

Boatshed's Competitive Advantage

We believe that focusing on Boatshed's platform provides significant advantages:

Highlight Comprehensive Information
Boatshed provides far more detailed and comprehensive listings compared to third-party sites. This includes high-quality photos, videos, and in-depth descriptions, ensuring that potential buyers get a complete understanding of what makes each boat special.

Focus on Buyer Engagement
Buyers spend nearly twice as much time on Boatshed listings compared to third-party sites, leading to more informed and serious enquiries. Our listings receive up to 70% more views, demonstrating higher engagement.

Enhanced Buyer Experience
Boatshed’s user-friendly platform is designed to facilitate easy navigation and in-depth exploration of listings, resulting in longer viewing times and repeated visits. This fosters a deeper connection between buyers and the boats.

Effective Marketing Strategies
We use advanced marketing techniques, including targeted social media campaigns, SEO optimisation, and engaging content marketing. Our unique registration process and monitoring of activity enable Boatshed algorithms to identify relevant buyers. This data-driven approach ensures that marketing efforts are precisely tailored to match the most interested buyers with the our boats.

Superior Performance
Boatshed consistently outperforms other yacht brokers in the UK and USA. Our platform receives anywhere from 2 to 10 times the number of visitors compared to the largest yacht brokerage companies, such as Ancasta in the UK and Denison Yacht Sales in the USA. This higher traffic translates to more visibility and more potential buyers for each listing.

Our Commitment to Choice
At Boatshed, we believe in giving you the freedom to choose. Our non-exclusive contract allows you to list your boat with other brokers and use additional resources if you wish. We only earn our commission if we successfully sell your boat at a price you find acceptable. This approach ensures that we are always working in your best interest, offering flexibility and choice that no other brokers provide. While we are confident that our methods and platform offer the best results, you are free to explore other options as well.

We appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to enhance our services and provide the best possible experience for both sellers and buyers.

Best regards,

Neil Chapman