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About Ben Evans

Hello, here is a little on my sailing/boating background. After studying at art college in London, like so many, the cost of accommodation was financially challenging and I ended up buying a narrowboat and living in North West London, on the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union. I have to say that period has not been beaten in terms of knowing your neighbours! It was a great 5 years, for which I have very fond memories.
But when I met my wife, we had to choose between my boat or her flat - the flat won! As compensation, my wife bought me a 'learn to sail' experience on the south coast, and it suffices to say, I've never looked back. I got into racing on an MG34 and then a J92 on the east coast, and now own a 31.7, which isn't quite as exhilarating, but considerably more comfortable.
In 2017, I left the profession of children's media and retrained as a small craft surveyor, and to compliment this I joined the Boatshed team, which I'm delighted to say, is working out very well.

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